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Dressing Your Age – Thirty-somethings

For many men being thirty something puts you into style Purgatory. Stuck somewhere between college and kids many guys by this stage have a wardrobe that consists of (aside from the work uniform of khakis and striped shirts) some OK jeans, a few polos and that one expensive suit that covers weddings, funerals and board meetings.

You know you need to go hit the clothing stores in Portland but what, as a maturing man, should you be looking for?

Invest a Little Cash – Spend some money on some high quality basics you can build a stylish wardrobe around. Buy suits that are tailored and timeless. The time is ripe for developing a unique identity with your clothing. And it’s not always about dishing out dough.

By now you should have learned that all the money in the world cannot buy taste. Shop the men’s clothing stores in Portland for what appeals to you and don’t be afraid to spend a little more if you have to get the look you want. But do not be swayed into purchasing something that you know does not work for you just because there is a designer label in the lapel.

Dress Down Gear – Ok you are probably not barhopping with the boys every night anymore. There’s probably a marriage or a serious relationship in your life by now, perhaps even kids. This does not mean however you have to start dressing like your Grandfather at the weekend. Resist oversize “Dad” jeans and go for something that fits, maybe in a darker wash.

Outdoor Gear – Now is the time to give up that NFL puffer jacket and invest in winter outerwear with a little more class and panache. Your 30s are for introducing pricier pieces like a leather motorcycle jacket and a cashmere sweater. And keep an eye on the fit, which is the key to looking good at any age. No matter what shape or size you happen to be if clothing fits it simply looks better.


Dressing Your Age – 20 Somethings

Although style difficulties related to one’s age are often thought to be a middle aged problem navigating your twenties in style can be a problem as well.

Often it is related to attempt to leave the college days behind and look more mature but without really understanding the right way that a young man can do this.

Other men have a hard time letting go of the beer and pizza breakfast chic that they have been sporting for the four years or so. Here then are some tips from the best mend clothing store in Portland, Estes:

Experiment – Few men in their early twenties have evolved a personal style yet (or at least one that suite them) Experimentation at this stage of life is fine. Test the waters with a few fashion trends that stretch your personal boundaries a bit. Some will be a hit, some will flop miserably but it will help you develop your own sense of style, rather than one that some magazine says you should be following.

Lose the Labels – After you graduate from college leave the Abercrombie and Fitch, the Sean John and all the other trendy labels behind as much as possible. These days the only thing your clothing should be advertising is you and your own personal style.

Buy Clothes that Fit – It was OK in college if your clothes looked like they belonged to your older, much bigger brother. Now however it’s time to grow up. Whatever you buy in the clothing stores of Portland make sure it fits. Have it tailored if necessary. And by fits we mean the shoulder seams actually hit you at the shoulder, the torso is trim but not tight, and the rear doesn’t look like it’s ready to make a special delivery.


Avoiding “Bad” Trends at Mens Clothing Stores in Portland.

In the world of fashion, as Heidi Klum is so fond of saying on Project Runway, one day you are in, the next day you’re out. The same holds true for men’s fashion “trends”.

The offerings in some men’s clothes stores in Portland can change so quickly, and look so radically different that it can be hard to know whether or not you should spend your money on this month’s hot trend or on something a little more timeless that will last longer than a season before even the local goodwill store rejects it as unwearable.

The fact is that certain trends just are not worth following once you have progressed beyond the legal drinking age. It is far more important to determine which of the offerings in a mens clothing store in Portland actually suit your style and your environment. A sheer paisley shirt may look interesting on a Milan runway but it will probably not translate well in real life.

Sometimes it not worth asking your other half for their advice either. She loves you, she is no more likely to tell you that the yellow shirt you just bought makes you look like a grapefruit than you are likely to reply “yes” when she asks the inevitable “does this dress make me look fat” question.

A fashion consultant can help if you are still trying to determine what your personal style is, what actually makes you, not some runway walker, look good. Caring about the way you present yourself to the world is not a woman’s domain only and investing in a wardrobe that is stylish, timeless and actually flatters you can be as good for your professional development as it is your personal.


Finding the Perfect Tuxedo – Portland Leads the Way

Often times when you read about wedding planning the clothing focus is on the bride and her attendants. However, since they will be sharing the bill once the ceremony starts the groom and his boys need to be every bit as well attired as the ladies.

Shopping for tuxedos, in Portland or anywhere else is not as difficult a task as you might think though, as long as you keep a few basics in mind. If you are due to part of a wedding party in the near future, or simply need a good tuxedo for a range of formal events here are some tips:

If you are tall and slender – Lucky you, you can get away with almost any tuxedo style. However it still has to be well tailored or however much you pay for it the tuxedo will still simply not look just right. Find a clothing store that has a good tailor on staff so that you can be assured that you will look your very best whatever the occasion.

If you are a little skinny – Slimmer guys look especially good in a double breasted tuxedo. You might also want to look for a tuxedo whose shoulders have a little more padding than usual to give you a better proportioned overall look.

If you’re tall and husky or very muscular – The shawl-collar tuxedo is style that works well for bigger guys. This style has a smooth, thinner jacket collar without notched lapels. The jacket is usually single-breasted with one button.

Fit is of the utmost importance here. Many larger gentlemen end up with jacket sleeves that are far too short and the effect is that they look like they borrowed their little brother’s suit for the day. Whether you are shopping for a tuxedo in Portland or elsewhere take the time to get the suit tailored, even if it takes a little extra time.


Mens News Monday 8/2/2010

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Essential Clothing Items you Should be Buying in the Clothing Shops of Portland

Whatever your age and wherever you live there are certain items that should be in every well-dressed man’s closet. Here is a list of some of them to keep at the back of your mind when you are next out shopping the clothing shops of Portland (or anywhere else for that matter)

A Good Suit – Even if you prefer to wear jeans and work in a more casual environment you still need at least one great suit in your closet. Buy a suit that is high quality and well-tailored and it will see you through any event in style from a job interview to a hot dinner date.

A Great Dress Shirt – A no brainer, to go with good suit, white is preferable if you only want to buy one or two. And have it professionally dry cleaned and pressed after every use because even the most expensive dress shirt looks a little like a rag if its wrinkled and dingy.

A Plain, Dark Tie – A black tie with a simple pattern that isn’t too flashy is an any-occasion tie. Be sure to buy silk, you may not think it, but people can tell whether a tie is silk or not, and things like polyester can cheapen your whole look.

Classic Dress Pants – Pinstripe, classic cargo, plain black or a subtle gray whatever style you pick is upto you, just make sure they fit and are pressed when you come to wear them. A good dress pant should be versatile enough to be worn with a t shirt on causal occasions and a shirt and tie when the occasion calls for “less than a suit” formality.

Classic Jeans – The clothing shops of Portland are filled with jeans of all kinds but a good pair of classic straight legged jeans  that fit correctly (ie do not hang off your hips to display your underwear ) can be dressed up or down easily and stylishly. Pick a darker wash without all of the holes or faded sections to keep it clean and suitably grown-up.

Cashmere Sweater – Every man should have at least one great quality cashmere sweater in his closet. Patterns that resemble those that were on the sweaters your Grandma used to knit you for Christmas should however be avoided at all costs, a simple solid or argyle is far more versatile (and easier on the eyes)

A Sports Coat – Whatever the material a sports coat should fit as well as the jacket of your suit does. Whether you should go two button or three depends very much on your body type. A two button is flattering on a shorter man as it creates a longer “V” shape on the chest, making the torso appear longer and leaner but a taller guy can usually get away with either option.


Men’s News Monday 7/19/2010

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Barbershops in Portland Admire George Steinbrenner’s Other Legacy – Well Groomed Men

George Steinbrenner, the longtime (37 years) New York Yankees owner who died on Tuesday of a massive heart attack at the age of 80, will be remembered for a lot of things. The iron fist he ruled the Yankees with for years, the huge checkbook he employed to rebuild a once battered franchise, the softer side that paid for college scholarships for strangers and gave former drug addicts like Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden a second shot at baseball greatness. And his men’s grooming policy, something that secretly endeared him to many an employee of barbershops in Portland for years.

George Steinbrenner expected his players to play like greats and look like them too. He allowed no facial hair except a “discreet” mustache and allowed no players hair to be grown longer than collar length. From when he acquired the team in 1973 (the era of long hair and beards for trendy men) to this day (even though he officially handed over day to day operations of the club to his sons in 2006) the policy stands.

The policy was not always popular with the players. He ruffled feathers as early as his first game in charge with his demands for proper male grooming. At the opening game of the 1973 season when his new players took off their caps for the national anthem he spotted right away that several players had hair too long for his liking. Not yet knowing their names he wrote down the numbers and ordered then manager Ralph Houck to pass on the haircut order. Stunned the players – Thurman Munson, Bobby Murcer, Sparky Lyle and Roy White – agreed, but there would be more controversy to come.

In 1983, when Steinbrenner’s manager was the legendary Yogi Berra the Boss demanded that pitcher Goose Gossage remove a beard he had been growing during the offseason. The Lightning complied- to a point- deliberately leaving a bushy mustache extending down the upper lip to the jaw line. Strangely enough this became Goose’s signature look, he still has it today.

But as many a client of barbershops in Portland will likely remember it was the most revered of the modern day Yankees, Mr. Donnie Baseball himself, Don Mattingly who objected loudest and longest to Steinbrenner’s grooming rules. Inexplicably rocking a mullet in 1991 (why Donnie, why?) Steinbrenner ordered him to the barbershop. Donnie refused and waspromptly benched. The huge media frenzy that followed bordered on insanity but Mattingly was not reinstated until the mullet was gone.

Donnie tried again, growing a goatee in 1995 which Steinbrenner ridiculed on TV. Within the week it had been trimmed back to a discrete mustache. Ever since Donnie Baseball, in his time as a coach with both the Yanks and now the LA Dodgers has remained short haired and clean shaven.

Some say that in the 21st century George’s grooming policy, which his son Hal has been enforcing, is old fashioned and out of date. But gentlemen, whether you love baseball or not whose style would you rather ask to emulate at your next visit to the chair at your favorite barbershop in Portland – Derek Jeter’s clean cut elegance that sets a million hearts afire every time he steps up to the plate or Johnny Damon’s Boston Red Sox era scary Grizzly Adams/caveman style (which changed quickly when he was traded to the Yanks)  ? We know which we’d go for…


Mens News Monday 7/12/2010

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