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PRESS: Stumptown Blogger’s “Best Men’s Clothing Store” Challenges Trendy Italian Designers

Summary: In response to a backhand comment on a blog post recognizing Este’s as Portland’s best men’s clothing store, the shop responds with a challenge for customers of top Italian designers.

Paul WeddingStumptown Blogger recently recognized Este’s Men’s Clothing, Inc. as Portland’s Best Men’s Shop for 2013. But an early comment on the page claimed Este’s was not for the younger crowd.

Tony Spear, President of Este’s, took exception to that comment.

“Anybody who shops Este’s knows that with custom, we can offer the best of trendy and traditional,” says Spear, “but we decided to take this person’s comment and really show Stumptown what the Stumptown Blogger already knows. It doesn’t matter what a guy’s age is, if he’s looking for the best-looking, best-fitting, best quality business, business casual, and formal clothing around, at the smartest prices, Este’s is his place in 2014.”

To celebrate Stumptown Blogger’s recognition, and as an invitation to Portland men who typically shop at major retailers to buy high-end, designer suits made in Italy, Este’s has issued a formal challenge for 2014:

Este’s invites these men to come to the store with a sample or photo of an Italian-made designer suit they’d like to copy. Este’s will custom make a suit identical in appearance using equivalent or better materials and producing the same or better fit, at a guaranteed 25% savings over the designer brand’s regular retail price.

If Este’s cannot provide the product at 25% savings, they will award the customer a $100 cash card for use anytime.

Este’s Men’s Clothing in the Pearl District provides a full range of men’s custom clothing, including business suits, tuxedos, blazers, jackets, and slacks, custom shirts, and hand-crafted leather shoes and belts to Portland’s savvy, well-dressed men. They also offer tuxes and suits for rental purposes.

Readers may visit Este’s at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97209, or call (503) 227-0275 to schedule a private, in-home/office consultation.


Joey and Jack Harrington Thank Este’s


Portland Custom Clothier Introduces Fall Zegna, Barberis, and Holland & Sherry Suit Fabrics with Special Offer – Press Release

Portland, OR — Pearl District custom clothier Este’s Men’s Clothing has just acquired a full inventory of the latest, fall suit materials from three of Europe’s world renowned clothing manufacturers and is now making a special introductory offer for the month of September.

The Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Mill, founded in 1910, is renowned internationally for the world’s finest textiles, including high-quality wool, cashmere and mohair fabrics. After three centuries in the textile business, the Barberis family, led by Vitale Barberis Canonico, is today the largest producer of high-quality cloths in Italy, spinning wool from Merino sheep bred in Australia. For over 170 years Holland & Sherry has supplied prestigious tailors and luxury brands with the finest wool and silk cloth, now from its head office on world famous Saville Row in England.

All the new materials, whether worsted or woolen, tartan or tweed, wool or silk, or all of the highest quality available in the world and are for sale now here in Portland, at Este’s.

Este’s has been known since 1952 to offer the highest quality, best fitting, custom men’s suits in the Portland area. What few outside the Este’s community understand is that this men’s store uses the exact same materials from the same manufacturers as used by the most expensive designer labels in America.

 “Guys who shop here want a world-class look and a world-class fit,” says Tony Spear, president of Este’s Men’s Clothing. “And the only way to accomplish that is with world-class materials. We’ve actually used fabrics from companies like Zegna, Barberis, Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana and more since the store opened. We produce the same looks as the famous designers do.

 “What we don’t do is charge the designer popularity tax.”

 Spear is referring to the higher prices that are typically associated with designer brands. Custom clothing — whether made-to-measure or bespoke — from Este’s is typically 25% to 50% less in price than the major labels.

“This fall, we made another great buy on suit fabric from these European mills and we want to pass our savings along to our customers while supplies last.”

Through the end of September and as materials are available, Este’s is making the following new suit offers:

  • Get a custom suit fashioned from Super 120s from Zegna for $1,295
  • Buy any custom suit using Super 135s from Barberis for $1,595
  • Get a custom suit made from any of Holland & Sherry’s full, fall line starting at $1,595

… And with any custom suit purchase above, get a custom shirt and tie (a $270 value) as an additional gift.

Savvy men seeking smartly priced custom suits, custom shirts, handcrafted dress shoes, and accessories from a top custom clothier may visit Este’s Men’s Clothing, Inc. in the Pearl at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97209 to review all the new colors, patterns, cloths, and designs available. They may also call (503) 227-0275 to schedule an in-home/office private consultation with an Este’s image consultant.


Cocktail Attire Men: Expert Tips for Cocktail Attire for Men

Image via Flickr

There comes a time in life when it’s necessary to wear cocktail attire. Men often find the networking possibilities provided by cocktail parties can lead to valuable business connections, but in order to establish yourself as a credible professional your fashion style must play the proper supporting role. Consider these tips to intelligently select the best cocktail attire. 

Read The Invitation Carefully

Your invitation will provide the biggest clue of all, invitations usually state if the function is dress casual, business casual or formal. In the rare case in which no dress code description is highlighted assume that invitations by mail are formal and require cocktail attire. Men can safely dress casual when the invitation is received by phone or email. Discuss the attire with your date as you will be expected to complement each other’s styles; otherwise you will look as though you are going to two separate events.

Dress Appropriately For The Time Of Year

It is generally expected that in the autumn and winter months you will opt for darker and heavier fabrics as opposed to lighter fabrics and colors which are reserved for spring and summer months. 

Time Of The Cocktail Party 

As previously stated make sure to follow the dress code included in the invitation. In the event that you are still in doubt as to the dress code, definitely sport the formal cocktail attire. Men may choose to wear neatly pressed slacks with a white buttoned shirt and a quality sport coat in the event that the gathering is held in the afternoon. There is a general rule of thumb that cocktail parties after 6pm require formal cocktail attire. Men have reserved the business casual for early events, with the exception of weddings. Shoes will also play an important factor in terms of dress code, shoes with laces are best worn with the casual look and shoes that are worn for cocktail attire are lace free.

Dress Code Definitions for Cocktail Attire Men

California Casual –
This term is indicative of a laid back approach to clothing.  California casual events are common on the west coast, but have gained some popularity in other parts of the country. Jeans, pullovers, sandals, and t-shirts are acceptable according to the California casual look. It has become widely accepted that the California casual look is more appropriate for IT firms, and technology, software design and computer engineers. 

Cocktail Attire – 
Cocktail attire requires a suit and tie, or coat and tie. 

Creative Black Tie –
This definition allows for the flashy and trendier touches of tuxedo styles. Creative black tie allows men to incorporate boldly patterned cumberbunds or vests.

Dress Casual –
This definition rules out jeans and indicates a conservative yet dressier look when compared to business casual attire. In a dress casual situation slacks and buttoned shirts are acceptable as compared to khakis and pullovers which are worn in business casual settings.

Business Casual – 
Business casual allows for khakis, slacks, button down collars, and a sport coat. Wearing a tie to a business casual event is not necessary.

Formal Attire –
This is the same as a black tie definition with a touch of flexibility.  Formal attire is the same as black tie but allows for a tuxedo to be worn without a tie.

Black Tie – 
Definitely wear a tuxedo. Do not think that a dark colored suit is acceptable. Make sure that you wear a classic tuxedo, there is no room for creative variations.

Black Tie Invited – 
This means that a tuxedo is preferable but you will not be refused if you wear a black suit and tie. Do not wear anything that is less formal than this.

Black Tie Optional – 
This definition indicates that you are welcome to wear a tuxedo but not required so long as you wear a dark (black or navy) suit and tie.


For help and expert guidance in selecting cocktail attire men have been shopping at Este’s Men’s Clothing located at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97209 since 1952. For any questions call (503) 227-0275 or visit Write us and let us know your questions about cocktail attire for men. Our expert fashion consultants will help you customize the best look for your event. 

Cocktail Attire Men: Expert Tips for Cocktail Attire for Men


Custom Suits Portland OR – Monday Mens News 06/18/2012

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Custom Suits Portland OR – Business men know the importance of care to ensure long life to professionally tailored suits. Here are a few helpful tips to properly care for them. We also learn how to properly iron custom suits. Then we look into the art of personal development so that we can achieve our goals with efficiency and ease. We’ll see which foods protect the heart. To finish up we look at Portland sports.

 How To Take Care Of Custom Suits |


Suits that are purchased out of a retail store rarely fit properly. A custom suit will fit you perfectly. Buying custom suits are expensive, and caring for your new suit will protect your investment. Don’t dry clean your suit very often,

Taking Care of Your Customs SuitsCustom Suits Portland, Or


Taking care of your custom suits in NYC initially starts with proper washing and ironing. Most people in New York love wearing the suits over and over but fail to understand the importance of caring for their custom suits.

How to Iron a Suit : How to Iron Suit Sleeves

Ironing techniques from a pro. Learn how to iron sleeves while ironing a men’s suit in this free clothing care video from a wardrobe professional. Expert: Joyce Danielson Bio: Joyce Danielson has worked as a wardrobe assistant on such network televis…

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As part of your personal development, you should constantly try to have love be the driving force behind your faith. Faith seldom exists without the accompanying emotion of love. Make it a priority to activate faith in your life.

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Los Angeles 1, Portland 0: A David Beckham corner Oregon Live


Portland’s four-game unbeaten streak is snapped by the defending MLS champions. Register now for free, or sign in with any of these services: AIM Google OpenID. Site Search. Search Local Business Listings

Visit Este’s for a consultation to get your questions answered regarding the creation of  custom suits. Portland, Oregon’s top clothier is located at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland OR 97209. Este’s has been helping men create the most stunning impressions with a vast assortment of custom suits, shirts, cocktail attire, and tuxedos just to name a few since 1952. Este’s can also be reached online at or by calling  (503)227-0275.


Custom Suits Portland Or – Monday Mens News 06/18/2012


Cocktail Attire For Men Portland Oregon Tax Free Shopping – Press Release

PORTLAND, OR – Cocktail attire for men and the pursuit of the flawless custom suit has inspired thousands to come to the Rose City. In additon to being a fashion mecca Portland also boasts tax free purchasing, making it that much easier for tourist dollars to improve and boost the local economy.

Local clothier Este’s Men’s Clothing caters to the needs of performers, athletes, politicians and business men from the US and abroad. This nationally acclaimed boutique has also attained the privilege and honor of being the only clothier in seven states to offer the formal-wear clothing line from national giant, Tuxedo Warehouse. Este’s earned this distinction based on the quality of standards and precision implemented to create the sharpest looks in cocktail attire for men

Tony Spear, President of Este’s Men’s says, “Cocktail attire for men is a man’s ultimate power suit.” Spear also reports that final fittings reveal how a man’s confidence is instantaneously magnified when wearing custom designed cocktail attire. 

Portland, Oregon’s premier top clothier also boasts a highly sought after “Club Room” that offers customers the luxury of a full-service barber shop, massage chairs, big-screen TV, fireplace, and old-style shoe shine to relax and unwind and recharge. Fittings are also accompanied by a complimentary cocktail from the club room’s bar.

Cocktail attire for men, custom suits, and formal wear needs have been Este’s specialties since 1952. Located in Portland’s Pearl District at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland OR 97209, Este’s grooming lounge and club room are most definitely a “must see” tourist destination. Este’s Men’s Clothing can be reached at (503)227-0275 or online at

Cocktail Attire For Men Portland Oregon Tax Free Shopping – Press Release


Portland Clothing Stores Instrumental Role Dressing Royalty

Portland clothing stores continue attracting prestige and acclaim while dressing the most elite city ambassadors. In 1912 Portland’s city fathers formed a group called The Royal Rosarians.  Beautiful traditions of knighting ceremonies and rose parades are home to Portland’s historic centennial group. The Oregonian provides a glimpse of the pride in the clothing worn by Portland’s royalty. 

In order to participate in the city’s events these elite ambassadors require only the best tailored and fitted uniforms. This year Royal Rosarians turned to the professional and highly recognized Portland clothier, Este’s.  This  group demands an impeccable appearance to represent Portland in all events including the nationally recognized Rose Parade.  The attention to detail offered by Este’s is the very element that sets it apart from other Portland clothing stores.

“It is such an accolade to make the uniforms for The Royal Rosarians, their rich one hundred year history will continue to  honor Portland for generations to come. Clothing stores are all around us, but knowing that our store made the cut is a great feeling of pride and accomplishment,” says Tony Spear, President of Este’s Men’s Clothing Store.

This Portland Clothing Store shows how personalized service  increases both  business and local tourism. Many people are scheduling shopping trips year round to this tax free fashion shopping mecca. Men and women from all over the country are making this Portland clothier their first choice for high quality custom tailored attire.  The personalized attention to detail has earned Este’s notable acclaim, as folks can not only have their clothing custom made but they can also have it shipped to any part of the world. 

Portland clothing stores such as Este’s serve as a  tourist attraction that boasts a unique and quaint grooming lounge. Massage chairs, shoe shines, an old style barber shop and even a glass of champagne are some of the luxuries to be experienced at Este’s.  Since 1952 men from all walks of life, whether elite city ambassadors or business executives have come to Portland for the personalized clothing and service offered at  Este’s Men’s Clothing Store. 

Portland Clothing Stores Instrumental Role Dressing Royalty


Portland Tuxedo Rental – Men’s News Monday April 16, 2012

This edition examines the history of the tuxedo and how a gentleman can wear a properly fitted Portland tuxedo rental or other cocktail attire to create an undeniable look of class and sophistication, and create a lasting impression. We also learn of the male hormone that complements the lasting impression with a long lasting expression. Then back to Portland to look at the successful business of movies and music before we wrap up with the Trail Blazers.

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Film is big business in Portland, but don’t forget the music. Oregon has long been a source of creativity and underground inspiration for independent artists in the worlds of music and of film. In fact, it was Oregonian Sheldon

The Hormone That Helps You Last Longer in Bed | Men’s Health News


Think oxytocin is just for cuddling? Think again. Researchers recently found that this cuddle hormone can dramatically improve male sexual performance—producing results on a par with Viagra.

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Portland Trail Blazers will be without All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge for Thursday’s tilt with the Dallas Mavericks. Aldridge will miss the rest of the…

To select the Portland tuxedo rental that will make you look like a million bucks at your next event, peruse the excellent selection of tuxedos at Este’s Men’s clothing store at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street in the Pearl. Image experts are ready to assist you in creating a dazzling look. You can also reach Este’s online at or by calling (503)227-0275.

Portland Tuxedo Rental – Men’s News Monday April 16, 2012


Formal Wear – Portland Oregon’s Dress Code Definitions

Formal Wear Portland demonstrated by Fred Astaire

When it comes to men’s style with the exception of tuxedos, most men become confused when discussing formal wear. Portland Oregon events and functions will describe the appropriate apparel on the invitation. This article will provide valuable tips on the different types of men’s formal wear and their corresponding venues and meanings.

Choices in Formal Wear – Portland Oregon Style

1. White Tie
2. Black Tie
3. Warm Weather Black Tie
4. Tuxedo
5. Semi Formal
6. Black Tie Optional

White Tie – The most elegant of formal wear apparel

This dazzling look requires both the tailcoat and vest to be black, only the shirt and bow tie are white. Top hats are optional and can be worn to complete the most pristine white tie look. Fashion experts say that with the exception of wedding parties, white tie events are the only acceptable venue for a tailcoat.

Black Tie – The traditional tuxedo look

Since 1889 customary black tie events have required tuxedos for events after six p.m. In recent times, black tie has also provided some leeway to allow tailored black suits in lieu of a tuxedo. Depending on the invitation and venue, a tuxedo may be the safest option when invited to a black tie affair.

Warm Weather Black Tie – Elegance for hot or warm climates

This can refer to a white tuxedo jacket or dinner jacket instead of the traditional black tuxedo. The slacks, shoes and bow tie remain black, and the only white elements are the shirt and jacket. Even though the name states “white” there is some room to opt for ivory or cream. These jackets are usually single breasted in order to reduce the weight during the heat of a summer day. Because of perennial mild weather, this is a formal wear option less often seen in Portland Oregon.

Tuxedo – The all time classic since 1889

Tuxedos are usually black and are worn with pleated shirts with folds that are ¼” – ¾” apart as well as cuff links. The tuxedo slacks and jacket lapels are trimmed with satin. The only acceptable shoes to wear with a tuxedo are shiny patent leather. The most popular venues for tuxedos are proms, weddings, or formal evenings on cruise ships.

Semi-Formal – The same as business formal

A crisp and sharp suit best defines the semi-formal look for men. During the day semi-formal attire can consist of lighter colors like cream, beige or tan. In the evening hours semi-formal suits can be darker colors such as charcoal and navy blue.

Black Tie Optional – You don’t have to sport the tux after all

Whenever you receive an invitation giving you the option of a black tie, it is important realize that this is indicative of the event’s elegance. Therefore if you refuse to wear a tuxedo make sure to sport your finest tailored dark suit with a white shirt. In terms of the tie you can also choose a standard tie or a bow tie to complete the look.

For assistance in selecting the best look for the appropriate  formal wear, Portland, Oregon‘s top clothier Este’s Men’s is conveniently  located at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street in Portland, OR 97209. For any questions call (503) 227-0275 or visit  Write us and let us know your questions about Portland shoes

Formal Wear – Portland Oregon’s Dress Code Definitions