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Men’s News Monday – 11/15/2010

This week recognized a book about an icon of the custom men’s clothing industry, and the importance of sex in men’s health as proven by research (did we really need research to know?). We also celebrate another win by the Portland Pilots, and learn about good wine and tweed vs. herringbone. Enjoy.

“Bespoke: The Men’s Style of Savile Row” Book – Selectism

Bespoke: The Men’s Style of Savile Row by James Sherwood is an illustrated guide to the tailoring of London’s famous street.

Publish Date: 11/13/2010 10:55

Men’s Style: Tweed vs. Herringbone from Rugby Ralph Lauren

So, after fielding multiple queries on the subject since tweed season began, our men’s editor has decided to explain the difference in writing, for once and for all. Men’s Style: Tweed vs. Herringbone TWEED: FABRIC. …

Publish Date: 10/27/2010 16:00

Portland 89, Florida Atlantic 75: That’s 3 wins in 3 days for Luke

There will be questions to be answered about the University of Portland as the season wears on, but after winning three games in three days to capture the Athletes in Action Classic the Pilots are looking pretty good. …

Publish Date: 11/14/2010 22:39

» Get a Good Book to Better Wine THE FATHER LIFE: the men’s

Tweets that mention » Get a Good Book to Better Wine THE FATHER LIFE: the men’s magazine for dads — on November 15th, 2010 at 12:40 am: […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ben Martin, FatherPassion. …

Publish Date: 11/14/2010 19:57

Healthy Sex Life — And Fidelity — Lengthen Men’s Lives

Paging cultural and gender stereotypes: An Italian study has found that a healthy sex life improves men’s life expectancy. Italians, why so randy? But wait! You have to be faithful. Sorry, Silvio.

Publish Date: 11/10/2010 9:16–and-fidelity–lengthen-mens-lives

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Men’s News Monday for 10/25/2010

Get a fun and hip guided tour of how to tell if you smell right for the times. Discover who jumped the Ducks into first place in BCS standings. Consider another point of view on progress, and discover how yoga can make it better in the bedroom. All in today’s Men’s News Monday.

Men’s Fashion and Style Tip….Cologne (alpha m image consulting) in this video professional image and style guru Aaron Marino talks about his favorite cologne and how to choose a fragrance that works for you. Aaron is a nationally recognized male image expert and fashion stylist that …

College football: Auburn leaps Oregon and Boise State into first

There is no way Auburn should have jumped Oregon, but they did. Frankly, they should not have jumped Boise State. Oregon will have to win out and hope Alabama does not jump them too. The insiders do not want the outsiders to join the …

Publish Date: 10/24/2010 18:09

In Deep Bluefield | MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory | gifts

It may have been the summer of ’85, or may not have been, when I hitchhiked out of Washington, DC, which is the left ventricle of the heart of darknes…

Publish Date: 10/23/2010 15:58

Better Sex Through Yoga: Easy Routines to Boost Your Sex Drive

A global guide to men‘s fitness, sex, women, workouts, weight loss, health, nutrition and muscle building. This repository of articles, blogs and opinions helps men keep fit and healthy in body and mind. Fitness ideas, healthy recipes, …

Publish Date: 10/24/2010 15:03

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Mens News Monday for 9/27/2010

This week we examine how much sports stars influence mens fashion, take a look at London Fashion Week as it applied to the guys, take a peek at the wardrobe of Real Madrid star and fashion frenzied soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and check out a few Fall 2010 style essentials

How Sport Influiences Men's Fashion – Artipot

Men have always been influenced by their heroes and have aspired to be like them – not least when it comes to heroes of the sporting kind. From…

Publish Date: 09/25/2010 15:16

Wintle Fall 2010 Men’s London

Wintle Fall 2010 Menswear, London

cristiano ronaldo pics fashion

cristiano ronaldo best pics best clothes dg louis vuitton gucci emporio armani lacoste burberry etc…. stylee

Men's Fall Style Essentials – Autumn 2010

Men’s Clothes, Men’s Fashion, Watches, Drinks, Beautiful Women.

Publish Date: 09/13/2010 4:44


Mens News Monday for 9/20/2010

The not so stylish men of the “Jersey Shore’ get a makeover courtesy of GQ,an eight year old boy gets to design his own line of shades (but he is Romeo Beckham), the Manning Bowl goes to Payton and is Ines Sainz just too hot to be a serious sports reporter?

PHOTOS Jersey Shore's GQ makeover of The Situation, Pauly D, Vinny

Check out one of the largest deGuidofication projects in recorded history as GQ magazine makes over the boys from Jersey Shore including Pauly D, The.

Publish Date: 09/16/2010 12:55

Romeo Beckham to Launch Designer Sunglasses for Kids – He's Eight

The precocious tyke has also reportedly enlisted celebrity tykes like Suri Cruise — who, frankly, we’re surprised didn’t think of this first — to help promote his shades.

Publish Date: 09/20/2010 17:00

Manning Bowl: Peyton Routs Eli As Colts Top Giants 38-14

INDIANAPOLIS — Peyton Manning showed some compassion for his little brother. It didn’t help – the Indianapolis Colts pummeled Eli anyway.

Publish Date: 09/20/2010 8:28

Hot Air » Ines Sainz: The woman who cried wolf whistle

Ines Sainz: The woman who cried wolf whistle.

Publish Date: 09/15/2010 21:05


Mens News Monday – 9/13/2009

This week a little something from New York Fashion Week, a little something from the VMAs as well as the Halo Reach launch, the new iPods under the microscope and more.

New York Fashion Week

It’s a week of celebrity sightings, fashionistas, models, designers and general mayhem considering all of these types are together under one roof. Here are some highlights from some of my favorite men’s collections that have already …

Publish Date: 09/12/2010 9:22

At Model Lounge This Fashion Week: No Men Allowed – Hannah Elliott

Bernard Smith is one lucky man. In the 30 minutes I spoke with him yesterday in his ModelLounge at the GansevoortPark Avenue South, eight or 10 different young, beautiful models came up to kiss and hug him before they left for their …

Publish Date: 09/11/2010 13:55

VMA's 2010 Men's Fashion Post (Justin Bieber, Drake, Jason Derulo

VMA’s 2010 Men’s Fashion Post (Justin Bieber, Drake, Jason Derulo +more). justin bieber, usher, jason derulo, trey songz, drake, mtv, vmas 2010.

Publish Date: 09/13/2010 2:42

Frankenreview: Halo: Reach

Is Bungie’s final game in the Halo series a masterpiece, or is that a bit of a reach? We turn to a crack squad of video game reviewers for the answer.

Publish Date: 09/13/2010 14:30

New iPods Get Torn Down | Maximum PC

The new iPods are smaller, have better battery life, and are downright impressive. Want to see them torn down to PCB’s in the name of science? So do we! Check out the links below or after the jump for the full iFixit teardown off all …

Publish Date: 09/11/2010 22:40


Mens News Monday 9/6/2010

This week we take a look at men’s fashion on the courts at the 2010 US Open, what is hot for the cool days of fall 2010 in menswear and Kanye West’s Tweets may have changed the way the world looks at celebrities for good..

Nadal and Roger Federer 2010 US Open Outfits – Esquire

Get your first look at how Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer’s 2010 US Open outfits, and see how Bar Refaeli plans to upstage them both.

Publish Date: 08/30/2010 13:50

Men's Casual Wear Trends 2010Fall Casual Wear for Men – Esquire

What are the big men’s casual wear trends for 2010? Find out in the Esquire style blog’s fall guide to new casual wear for men, with the five weekend pieces every guy should buy — and on the cheap.

Publish Date: 08/27/2010 4:18

Kanye West and How Twitter Has Changed the Way We Communicate

I bled hard.. cancelled tour with the number one pop star in the world … closed the doors of my clothing office”- “That’s when you realize perception is reality. I’ve been straying from this subject on twitter but I have to give it to you guys raw now.”- “If you google Asshole my … While Kanye West’s tweets don’t come close to the level of importance these events carried, his raw line of communication is another shining example of just how Twitter has changed our lives.

Publish Date: 09/05/2010 12:59


Men’s News Monday 8/30/2010

Style and etiquette on the red carpet at the Emmys, the best dressed players in the MLB, Cristiano Ronaldo’s new girlfriend outdoes him in the fashion stakes, David Beckham hits a baseball game in style and more make our headlines for this week

Beverly Hills Manners – ProtoCallOut: Red Carpet Manners – Emmys

Red Carpet Manners – EmmysStyle. This year’s Emmys came a month early and brought with it a new babyfaced host from late night. Thankfully, the Los Angeles weather held up surprisingly well for this time of year and provided us with a day that was goldilocks perfect. The female nominees were smartly dressed in the latest trends of nudes and shades of blue with their male counterparts attempting to compete in their predominantly black tuxes. There was the usual fare of …

Publish Date: 08/30/2010 11:11

Haute Stove: The Best Dressed MLB Baseball Players | Stiletto Sports

So far we’ve gone over the most stylish ballers in the NBA and the sexiest style stars of the NFL. Now it’s time to check out the Best Dressed Baseball Players in the MLB! For the record, this post took the longest of all them…combined. …

Publish Date: 02/22/2010 8:00

Cristiano Ronaldo's Gal, Irina Shayk: A Body to Love (photos

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest girlfriend, Irina Shayk, has vaulted into the international spotlight since she started dating the Real Madrid star in April. And with good reason, the Russian model loves to work out… and it shows …

Publish Date: 08/26/2010 14:17

David Beckham And Gordon Ramsey's Boys Day Out | Celebrity Baby Scoop

David Beckham And Gordon Ramsey's Boys Day Out. David Beckham and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey took their boys to an Anaheim Angels baseball game in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 29). The Beckham boys Brooklyn, 11 , Romeo, 7, …

Publish Date: 08/30/2010 10:23

Men's Jeans For The New Season ~ The Fashion Buzz

But what about the men? Are they up to speed with what they will need to wear to keep up with the trends? Well, here is just a quick look for them to begin with- jeans. Jeans are always in season, but sometimes different cuts and styles can … This pair in particular come in a really smart gray colour with added contrast rivets to keep the style looking hot, and they also feature the ever-popular button fly, layered side pockets, and of course the dependable rear pockets …

Publish Date: 08/30/2010 17:11


Dressing Your Age – Thirty-somethings

For many men being thirty something puts you into style Purgatory. Stuck somewhere between college and kids many guys by this stage have a wardrobe that consists of (aside from the work uniform of khakis and striped shirts) some OK jeans, a few polos and that one expensive suit that covers weddings, funerals and board meetings.

You know you need to go hit the clothing stores in Portland but what, as a maturing man, should you be looking for?

Invest a Little Cash – Spend some money on some high quality basics you can build a stylish wardrobe around. Buy suits that are tailored and timeless. The time is ripe for developing a unique identity with your clothing. And it’s not always about dishing out dough.

By now you should have learned that all the money in the world cannot buy taste. Shop the men’s clothing stores in Portland for what appeals to you and don’t be afraid to spend a little more if you have to get the look you want. But do not be swayed into purchasing something that you know does not work for you just because there is a designer label in the lapel.

Dress Down Gear – Ok you are probably not barhopping with the boys every night anymore. There’s probably a marriage or a serious relationship in your life by now, perhaps even kids. This does not mean however you have to start dressing like your Grandfather at the weekend. Resist oversize “Dad” jeans and go for something that fits, maybe in a darker wash.

Outdoor Gear – Now is the time to give up that NFL puffer jacket and invest in winter outerwear with a little more class and panache. Your 30s are for introducing pricier pieces like a leather motorcycle jacket and a cashmere sweater. And keep an eye on the fit, which is the key to looking good at any age. No matter what shape or size you happen to be if clothing fits it simply looks better.


Dressing Your Age – 20 Somethings

Although style difficulties related to one’s age are often thought to be a middle aged problem navigating your twenties in style can be a problem as well.

Often it is related to attempt to leave the college days behind and look more mature but without really understanding the right way that a young man can do this.

Other men have a hard time letting go of the beer and pizza breakfast chic that they have been sporting for the four years or so. Here then are some tips from the best mend clothing store in Portland, Estes:

Experiment – Few men in their early twenties have evolved a personal style yet (or at least one that suite them) Experimentation at this stage of life is fine. Test the waters with a few fashion trends that stretch your personal boundaries a bit. Some will be a hit, some will flop miserably but it will help you develop your own sense of style, rather than one that some magazine says you should be following.

Lose the Labels – After you graduate from college leave the Abercrombie and Fitch, the Sean John and all the other trendy labels behind as much as possible. These days the only thing your clothing should be advertising is you and your own personal style.

Buy Clothes that Fit – It was OK in college if your clothes looked like they belonged to your older, much bigger brother. Now however it’s time to grow up. Whatever you buy in the clothing stores of Portland make sure it fits. Have it tailored if necessary. And by fits we mean the shoulder seams actually hit you at the shoulder, the torso is trim but not tight, and the rear doesn’t look like it’s ready to make a special delivery.


Mens News Monday 8/2/2010

Can you believe it, August already? With this in mind this week we bring you some fall men’s style tips from various sources around the web, a look at the newest Ferrari and a peek at ten unexpected stars coming to TV screens this fall (Justin Bieber in CSI, Mark Zuckerberg on The Simpsons and more..)

Fall Clothing 2010 – Men's Fall Clothing Trends – Esquire

Believe it or not, the time has come to start transitioning your wardrobe for fall clothing 2010. The good news: Half the stuff you need is already in your closet.

Publish Date: 07/23/2010 2:40

Fall 2010 Perfume and Fragrances for Men and Women – Sweet Aroma

Fall 2010 Perfume and Fragrances for men and women. Now that summer is over it’s time to step outdoors with a richer more fragrant scent and this fall offers plenty of choices. From classic fall favorites to new aromas to try, look below at the … Romantic-yet-tough femininity reflects the woman who loves to dare and the core spirit of the brand—dedicated to evolution, confidence, and cutting-edge style. A game of opposites creatively moves between romantic and aggressive,.

Publish Date: 07/27/2010 18:00

Ferrari drops new photos of 458 Challenge test session at Vallelunga

Filed under: Motorsports, Coupe, Ferrari, Racing Ferrari 458 Challenge – Click above for high-res image gallery A few weeks ago, Ferrari officially debuted its.

Publish Date: 08/02/2010 10:25

The 10 Television Guest Stars We Can't Wait For This Fall | The Frisky

Fall television brings a large slew of familiar, awesome faces to our favorite television shows.

Publish Date: 07/30/2010 14:31