Men’s Suits, Portland

We’ve been selling the highest-quality, best-value custom-tailored suits in town for over 60 years … to a very savvy clientele of local and regional movers and shakers. If you’ve been buying designer brand men’s clothing here in Portland, consider this:

We craft your suit with the same or better quality Italian fabric that the expensive designers including Zegna and Loro Piana use. But our suits are hand-made right here in America, with full canvas construction, Bemberg linings, functional buttons on the sleeves and many other styling details. We can duplicate any designer in the world or help you create your own distinctive style. All for far less than the “Name Brands”; these start at $1295.00. (others might make them for less, but the fabric is not as good and won’t last as long, so we won’t do it here)

The result: for the price of a single designer suit, at Este’s you may be able to own the identical suit, plus a coordinating custom ensemble of shirt, tie and exotic shoes.

You might be skeptical. Good. We appreciate thinking men down here. Come see for yourself.

If true Bespoke is not in your budget just yet, we also offer a line of “made to measure” suits as well. There are about 25 fabrics to choose from and we can pick a separate coat and pant size that best accommodates your build. In other words, if you need a 44 Long coat, but require a 36 Regular rise pant, we can order those sizes and then tailor them to fit. We also throw in a custom made shirt and tie to complete the outfit; all for $795.00.

Our customers have always known that highest price does not necessarily mean the best. We invite you to come decide for yourself what might be best for you.

Visit our store today or give us a call at 503-227-0275 to schedule a time to have an image consultant come to you anywhere in Oregon or Washington with a few days notice, or anywhere in the country by special arrangement. We look forward to showing you the benefits of joining our club.

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