Only Access to Complete Allen Edmonds Shoe Collection in Portland By Special Order

Only complete Allen Edmonds Shoe collection in PortlandEste’s is proud to be the authorized Portland dealer for Allen Edmonds, the best shoe manufacturer in America. Allen Edmonds crafts their shoes in Port Washington, Wisconsin from the finest leather from all over the world. They have graced the feet of no less than eight American Presidents.

Their styles range from traditional to contemporary, but in all cases timeless.  They use full 360 degree welt construction, which means no gluing and no annoying steel shank in the sole. Instead they are stitched through the sole and upper, all the way around the shoe. And they offer a great re-crafting program, so a well-cared for pair of Allen Edmonds shoes will last you 20 years; that’s a good investment.

Please feel free to come into the store and try a sample shoe on, or you can go to the Allen Edmonds website, browse through their full catalog, and then call us at 503-227-0275 to order them. When they come in, try them on. If, for any reason, they’re not to your satisfaction, return them with no cost or obligation. This means that you have full access to the entire catalog of colors and styles. In Portland, only Este’s provides you the opportunity to get the Allen Edmonds shoe you want, in the exact color, style, and size you want it.

Just a heads up though, like many other industries, AE has cut back on their inventory and instead offers many styles on a made-to-order basis. Which means you may have to wait 4-6 weeks for a pair of shoes. A little longer than in years past, but like our custom suits and shirts, well worth it.

Many styles of these shoes also come with matching accessories.