Finding the Perfect Tuxedo – Portland Leads the Way

Often times when you read about wedding planning the clothing focus is on the bride and her attendants. However, since they will be sharing the bill once the ceremony starts the groom and his boys need to be every bit as well attired as the ladies.

Shopping for tuxedos, in Portland or anywhere else is not as difficult a task as you might think though, as long as you keep a few basics in mind. If you are due to part of a wedding party in the near future, or simply need a good tuxedo for a range of formal events here are some tips:

If you are tall and slender – Lucky you, you can get away with almost any tuxedo style. However it still has to be well tailored or however much you pay for it the tuxedo will still simply not look just right. Find a clothing store that has a good tailor on staff so that you can be assured that you will look your very best whatever the occasion.

If you are a little skinny – Slimmer guys look especially good in a double breasted tuxedo. You might also want to look for a tuxedo whose shoulders have a little more padding than usual to give you a better proportioned overall look.

If you’re tall and husky or very muscular – The shawl-collar tuxedo is style that works well for bigger guys. This style has a smooth, thinner jacket collar without notched lapels. The jacket is usually single-breasted with one button.

Fit is of the utmost importance here. Many larger gentlemen end up with jacket sleeves that are far too short and the effect is that they look like they borrowed their little brother’s suit for the day. Whether you are shopping for a tuxedo in Portland or elsewhere take the time to get the suit tailored, even if it takes a little extra time.


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