Dressing Your Age – Thirty-somethings

For many men being thirty something puts you into style Purgatory. Stuck somewhere between college and kids many guys by this stage have a wardrobe that consists of (aside from the work uniform of khakis and striped shirts) some OK jeans, a few polos and that one expensive suit that covers weddings, funerals and board meetings.

You know you need to go hit the clothing stores in Portland but what, as a maturing man, should you be looking for?

Invest a Little Cash – Spend some money on some high quality basics you can build a stylish wardrobe around. Buy suits that are tailored and timeless. The time is ripe for developing a unique identity with your clothing. And it’s not always about dishing out dough.

By now you should have learned that all the money in the world cannot buy taste. Shop the men’s clothing stores in Portland for what appeals to you and don’t be afraid to spend a little more if you have to get the look you want. But do not be swayed into purchasing something that you know does not work for you just because there is a designer label in the lapel.

Dress Down Gear – Ok you are probably not barhopping with the boys every night anymore. There’s probably a marriage or a serious relationship in your life by now, perhaps even kids. This does not mean however you have to start dressing like your Grandfather at the weekend. Resist oversize “Dad” jeans and go for something that fits, maybe in a darker wash.

Outdoor Gear – Now is the time to give up that NFL puffer jacket and invest in winter outerwear with a little more class and panache. Your 30s are for introducing pricier pieces like a leather motorcycle jacket and a cashmere sweater. And keep an eye on the fit, which is the key to looking good at any age. No matter what shape or size you happen to be if clothing fits it simply looks better.


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