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Getting Great Alterations in Portland

Although on the label a certain piece of clothing may purport to be your size unless it is actually tailored to your specific measurements it is unlikely to fit absolutely perfectly. Finding a good tailor in this day and age can be something of a challenge. For those living in the Portland and Vancouver, Washington areas seeking clothing alterations Portland itself  has several options available but they are not all created the same.

Anyone can take a few measurements and many people have basic sewing skills but it takes a real professional to alter a garment to fit a client perfectly. It can be rather galling to pay good money to have an item of clothing altered only to have it returned to you still not quite fitting correctly. Occasionally a bad tailor will blame their substandard workmanship on a client’s “unusual” body type or the particular fabric the garment is made from but neither is a good excuse.

Most people have an item or clothing or two in their closet that is still perfectly serviceable and would still look great when worn if only a hem could be let down a little or the waist taken in half an inch. Such alterations are a cinch for an expert tailor, the only problem is finding such a person.

Exactly how does one go about finding a great place to get alterations, Portland based or located elsewhere? Possibly the best place to go is the best clothing store in town. If an establishment is really interested in gaining (and maintaining) a reputation for quality then you can be fairly certain that they retain a good tailor on staff to ensure that garments they sell fit correctly and the customer is satisfied. They will also usually be more than willing to tailor older garments to your specifications as well.

At Este’s Men’s Clothing Store we are proud that we have the finest tailors to be found in Portland and we share their services with our clients, to alter both their formal and casual clothing.