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Mens Hair, Products, & Style Edition – Men’s News Monday

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When people assess your presentation, they tend to focus on your hair and shoes before considering anything else. Today’s issue focuses on mens hair, products, and style for contemporary and classic style men. Enjoy.

Mens Hair Loss – How to Reduce Hair Loss in Men | Living Healthy

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Hot Mens Hair Styles 2011

Low maintenance and chic are not mutually excluding concept when it comes of the hot mens hair styles 2011. Indeed this year gents have the chance to sport haircuts that allow them to experiment with endless designs but also sport their … Use the proper hair styling products from texturising pastes, wax as well as mousse to achieve a similar wow effect as the dos above did. by Franck Provost by Intermede by Samuel Rocher by Paul Mitchell. Classy gents hair styles with …

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Men’s Hair Styling Products (alpha m image consulting) In this video professional men’s image consultant Aaron Marino talks about his favorite hair styling products. Aaron also shows you how to use and apply product. Aaron is a male style expert and fashion guru. Fashion, wa… » What Is The Difference Between Hair Wax And

Given the number of different hair products on the market, it is no wonder some men become confused about which is and what each is used for. Hopefully, we have answered the question, “What is the difference between hair wax and hair

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Proper hair maintenance requires that you’ve got the right style to emphasize your strengths to begin with. At Este’s Men’s Clothing you will receive attention to every detail of your style, including grooming. Enjoy the finishing touch to your look at our full-service barber shop. Portland has never offered the discriminating, savvy, well-dressed male a single place where you can enjoy a complimentary cocktail and ESPN in the club room while receiving the professional attention you deserve for your complete appearance. Drop by the store. We promise you’ll enjoy your visit.


Barbershops in Portland Admire George Steinbrenner’s Other Legacy – Well Groomed Men

George Steinbrenner, the longtime (37 years) New York Yankees owner who died on Tuesday of a massive heart attack at the age of 80, will be remembered for a lot of things. The iron fist he ruled the Yankees with for years, the huge checkbook he employed to rebuild a once battered franchise, the softer side that paid for college scholarships for strangers and gave former drug addicts like Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden a second shot at baseball greatness. And his men’s grooming policy, something that secretly endeared him to many an employee of barbershops in Portland for years.

George Steinbrenner expected his players to play like greats and look like them too. He allowed no facial hair except a “discreet” mustache and allowed no players hair to be grown longer than collar length. From when he acquired the team in 1973 (the era of long hair and beards for trendy men) to this day (even though he officially handed over day to day operations of the club to his sons in 2006) the policy stands.

The policy was not always popular with the players. He ruffled feathers as early as his first game in charge with his demands for proper male grooming. At the opening game of the 1973 season when his new players took off their caps for the national anthem he spotted right away that several players had hair too long for his liking. Not yet knowing their names he wrote down the numbers and ordered then manager Ralph Houck to pass on the haircut order. Stunned the players – Thurman Munson, Bobby Murcer, Sparky Lyle and Roy White – agreed, but there would be more controversy to come.

In 1983, when Steinbrenner’s manager was the legendary Yogi Berra the Boss demanded that pitcher Goose Gossage remove a beard he had been growing during the offseason. The Lightning complied- to a point- deliberately leaving a bushy mustache extending down the upper lip to the jaw line. Strangely enough this became Goose’s signature look, he still has it today.

But as many a client of barbershops in Portland will likely remember it was the most revered of the modern day Yankees, Mr. Donnie Baseball himself, Don Mattingly who objected loudest and longest to Steinbrenner’s grooming rules. Inexplicably rocking a mullet in 1991 (why Donnie, why?) Steinbrenner ordered him to the barbershop. Donnie refused and waspromptly benched. The huge media frenzy that followed bordered on insanity but Mattingly was not reinstated until the mullet was gone.

Donnie tried again, growing a goatee in 1995 which Steinbrenner ridiculed on TV. Within the week it had been trimmed back to a discrete mustache. Ever since Donnie Baseball, in his time as a coach with both the Yanks and now the LA Dodgers has remained short haired and clean shaven.

Some say that in the 21st century George’s grooming policy, which his son Hal has been enforcing, is old fashioned and out of date. But gentlemen, whether you love baseball or not whose style would you rather ask to emulate at your next visit to the chair at your favorite barbershop in Portland – Derek Jeter’s clean cut elegance that sets a million hearts afire every time he steps up to the plate or Johnny Damon’s Boston Red Sox era scary Grizzly Adams/caveman style (which changed quickly when he was traded to the Yanks)  ? We know which we’d go for…


World Cup Hairstyles – Coming to a Barber Shop in Portland Near You?

Although many people are interested in the FIFA World Cup to catch some great world soccer action (including an increasing number of Americans) the tournament always interests those who follow mens’ hair fashions as well and so far the 2010 tournament is not disappointing them.

Considering that the participants come from all corners of the globe that there is a wild variation in mens’ hairstyles on the pitch is hardly a surprise. The World Cup has certainly seen its fair share of outlandish ‘do’s (perhaps most memorably of all the sprawling blond voluminous perm of Carlos Valderrama in the 1990s, not quite the style that was walking out of barber shops in Portland at the time)

Certain teams seem to be favoring the long flowing locks look as a whole, notably Argentina and Switzerland (although Argentinian coach and soccer legend Diego Maradona’s new Santa Claus beard is a little odd and far from flattering.) while disgraced former England captain John Terry is sporting a spiky new mohawk that is stylish enough to no doubt have more than a few Northwestern men headed to their barbershop in Portland to copy the look.

Tamest of all though is former hair fashion icon and currently injured (but cheering from the sidelines as a team ambassador) England star David Beckham. Over the course of his career Becks has been bald, sported the kind of blonde flowing hair that WAGs would die for and most recently gone for the mohawk look himself. However seated next to boss Fabio Capello and his poodle perm  in the dugout he is now showing off a rather boring short back and sides.

If Beckham is a little boring perhaps the biggest hair shocker of this year’s competition so far was Spanish star Fernando Torres’ decision to ditch his trademark long blond hair and headband in favor of a stark brunette crew cut. Based upon his lackluster performance in Spain’s first game, when the team, co favorites to win it all, fell to the lowly Switzerland, some people wondered if the decision might have “Samson” type repercussions and that Torres may have jinxed himself by finally hitting the barber’s chair.

Who do you think has the best World Cup haircut? Is there a hairstyle that might tempt you to visit a good barber shop in Portland soon? Let us know in the comments section.