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The Renaissance of Barber Shops in Portland

These days most men care every bit as much about the look and condition of their crowning glory – their hair – as the ladies do. Hair coloring, intricate styles and other high end services such as conditioning treatments and straightening can all by on the stylish gent’s agenda nowadays, as long as they can find someone who is actually skilled enough to do it. Most big hair salons are still geared towards their lady clientele and hairdressing for men is a sideline if not even just an afterthought. What stylish gents really need is a good old fashioned barber shop but they are disappearing all over the country. However if you live in Oregon (or Washington) you might have more luck, since when seeking a great barbershop Portland has the solution.

The term “barber’ comes from the Latin for beard “barba”.The earliest practitioners of the craft were leaders in their tribes since most people, from all over the globe, held the belief that evil and mischievous spirits could enter the body via the hair on their heads, and that only a good trim could set them free.

Over the decades and centuries that followed barbers still held an important place in society. Aside from attending to various male grooming needs, which meant keeping up with ever changing fashion trends they also served as surgeons (as the old fashioned barber pole represents) and dentists. Once the medical profession was better established barbers were banned from surgical practices and lost a little of their high social standing perhaps, but their focal services remained in high demand.

At the dawn of the 20th century barber shops began to change and they became not only a place where a man could get a haircut and a good shave but also a place to socialize as well. This is exactly the kind of convivial atmosphere one finds at Antonio’s Barbershop Portland based, within the confines of another well-known gentlemen’s haven, Estes Men’s Clothing Store. Here men can receive the very best and the very latest grooming techniques in a uniquely relaxing environment.