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Essential Clothing Items you Should be Buying in the Clothing Shops of Portland

Whatever your age and wherever you live there are certain items that should be in every well-dressed man’s closet. Here is a list of some of them to keep at the back of your mind when you are next out shopping the clothing shops of Portland (or anywhere else for that matter)

A Good Suit – Even if you prefer to wear jeans and work in a more casual environment you still need at least one great suit in your closet. Buy a suit that is high quality and well-tailored and it will see you through any event in style from a job interview to a hot dinner date.

A Great Dress Shirt – A no brainer, to go with good suit, white is preferable if you only want to buy one or two. And have it professionally dry cleaned and pressed after every use because even the most expensive dress shirt looks a little like a rag if its wrinkled and dingy.

A Plain, Dark Tie – A black tie with a simple pattern that isn’t too flashy is an any-occasion tie. Be sure to buy silk, you may not think it, but people can tell whether a tie is silk or not, and things like polyester can cheapen your whole look.

Classic Dress Pants – Pinstripe, classic cargo, plain black or a subtle gray whatever style you pick is upto you, just make sure they fit and are pressed when you come to wear them. A good dress pant should be versatile enough to be worn with a t shirt on causal occasions and a shirt and tie when the occasion calls for “less than a suit” formality.

Classic Jeans – The clothing shops of Portland are filled with jeans of all kinds but a good pair of classic straight legged jeans  that fit correctly (ie do not hang off your hips to display your underwear ) can be dressed up or down easily and stylishly. Pick a darker wash without all of the holes or faded sections to keep it clean and suitably grown-up.

Cashmere Sweater – Every man should have at least one great quality cashmere sweater in his closet. Patterns that resemble those that were on the sweaters your Grandma used to knit you for Christmas should however be avoided at all costs, a simple solid or argyle is far more versatile (and easier on the eyes)

A Sports Coat – Whatever the material a sports coat should fit as well as the jacket of your suit does. Whether you should go two button or three depends very much on your body type. A two button is flattering on a shorter man as it creates a longer “V” shape on the chest, making the torso appear longer and leaner but a taller guy can usually get away with either option.


Locating the Best Men’s Clothing in Portland and Enjoying the Experience at the Same Time

Portland, Oregon is third biggest city in the region that is known as the Pacific Northwest. It is also officially the greenest city in the US and the second in the world. Like any other busy metropolis there are a wide variety of shopping opportunities for both locals and visitors alike and men’s clothing in Portland is not difficult to come by, it is simply that not all stores are created equal and the discerning male seeking the best fashion choices may have to do a little searching to find the best men’s clothing in Portland.

The Pearl District is an area of Portland that used to be home to warehouses, light industry and railroad yards. Known a few decades ago as the Northwest Industrial Triangle it was not the most pleasant place to be. Several of the scenes from Gus Van Sant’s 1989 masterpiece Drug Store Cowboy were shot there to give you an idea of how it once looked.

A number of extensive renovation and reclamation projects have changed the face of the landscape though and now the Pearl District is home to some of the best clubs, bars, restaurants and art galleries to be found anywhere. For those seeking the best men’s clothing in Portland it is a wonderful place to shop as well.

Men all over the world are becoming more fashion conscious on the whole and aware that the way they present themselves can have an impact on their career prospects as well as their reputation with members of the fairer sex. Still, the actual shopping part of dressing well has no more appeal for many men than it ever has.

So the fact that there are clothing stores located in the Pearl District that actually make shopping for men’s clothing in Portland an experience to be looked forward to is something of a revelation for gentlemen living in the area. Big screen TVs, complementary cocktails, an image consultant on hand to advise customers how to choose clothing that truly suits both their physique and their lifestyle.

Such establishments are more akin to a visit to a private men’s club than to an afternoon spent shopping. For the well-dressed Portland man locating such an establishment is a real find and the very best shopping experience of all is guaranteed to be found at Estes’s Men’s Clothing. Join us yourself to discover all that we have to offer.