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Clothing Stores In Portland Oregon Boost Tourism – Press Release

Clothing stores in Portland, Oregon are attracting national and international acclaim while also serving as tourist attractions. Now known as the fashion mecca for men, many are scheduling trips to this tax free shopping haven. These shopping trips allow men to have their wardrobes designed, selected and custom tailored for style and comfort while saving money on price and taxes. The ever increasing pilgrimage of men traveling to Portland to enjoy personalized tax free shopping is also helping the local Portland economy.

Portland top clothier Este’s Men’s is known to many musicians, actors, performers, athletes and business men who regularly make the pilgrimage to this fashion mecca. Este’s boasts the prestigious honor of being the only clothier in seven states to carry the entire suit, formal-wear and tuxedo line from the national giant, Tuxedo Warehouse. The exclusive privilege was awarded to Este’s due to their experience and flawless standards of custom fittings.

Tony Spear, President of Este’s Men’s says, “Every man is treated with personalized attention whether here for a tuxedo rental or full custom wardrobe. Our image consultant and Director of Development Brian Tacker specializes in creating the perfect look for our clients, here or in their home or office. Our focus is to deliver top-quality comfort, timeless appeal and maximum convenience at prices that are substantially less than the same clothes with a designer label.”

Este’s Men’s “Club Room” offers men all the comfort and benefits of a dream man-cave and more: a full-service barber shop, massage chairs, big-screen TV running news and sports, fireplace, and old-style shoe shine to relax and unwind. And all fittings are accompanied by a complimentary cocktail from the bar.

Clothing stores in Portland, Oregon such as Este’s offer a wide array of clothing to include business casual, business professional, formal attire, tuxedos, custom tailored suits, custom shirts and accessories. Located in Portland’s Pearl District at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland OR 97209, Este’s grooming lounge is a “must see” tourist destination. Este’s can be reached at (503)227-0275 or online at

Clothing Stores In Portland Oregon Boost Tourism


Timeless Style Tips for Men

As perhaps the premier purveyor of fine men’s clothing in Portland we certainly see gentlemen from all walks of life, and in all shapes and sizes walking through our doors on a daily basis. We emphasize to all our clients how important it is that their clothing, in fact their overall personal style in general, is a reflection of their own personality and flatters their unique body rather than following what is currently the “hot” item at other stores offering men’s clothing in Portland and elsewhere. That being said though there are certain simple style rules that apply to all men, whoever they may be. Here are a few of the basics:

The Tucking Rule – If you are wearing a shirt with a tie and/or a formal jacket  tucking your shirt into your pants is fine, but with jeans or casual slacks it just looks plain wrong, and flatters no one.

Take the Time to Iron your Shirt – If you are already having a busy morning the thought of hauling out the ironing board (or pleading with a significant other) to iron your shirt is probably something you would rather skip. Why not just throw your suit jacket over the wrinkled shirt, no one will notice right? That is until you reach the office, find the temperature a little warmer than you expected and are left with two choices: boil or remove the jacket to reveal the woefully wrinkled shirt. Save yourself the hassle and iron your shirts as soon as they come out of washer, or have them pressed at the dry cleaners.

Match the Shoes with the Belt – It’s an old piece of advice but still a good one. If the shoes are black the belt should be too. If the shoes are yellow? That’s a bit trickier, but in that case you are already dealing with a unique look anyway. Oh, while we are on the subject of shoes, dress shoes require dress socks, no athletic socks allowed.

The Fit – Nothing is more important than ensuring that the clothes you wear fit properly and hang correctly. Even if a suit cost a week’s wages and is straight off the cover of GQ it will look like it is a $99 special from a discount warehouse if it does not fit properly.  At Estes Men’s Clothing, Portland we have expert tailors available to ensure all your purchases fit perfectly and image consultants are always around to help pull the whole look together flawlessly.