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Avoiding “Bad” Trends at Mens Clothing Stores in Portland.

In the world of fashion, as Heidi Klum is so fond of saying on Project Runway, one day you are in, the next day you’re out. The same holds true for men’s fashion “trends”.

The offerings in some men’s clothes stores in Portland can change so quickly, and look so radically different that it can be hard to know whether or not you should spend your money on this month’s hot trend or on something a little more timeless that will last longer than a season before even the local goodwill store rejects it as unwearable.

The fact is that certain trends just are not worth following once you have progressed beyond the legal drinking age. It is far more important to determine which of the offerings in a mens clothing store in Portland actually suit your style and your environment. A sheer paisley shirt may look interesting on a Milan runway but it will probably not translate well in real life.

Sometimes it not worth asking your other half for their advice either. She loves you, she is no more likely to tell you that the yellow shirt you just bought makes you look like a grapefruit than you are likely to reply “yes” when she asks the inevitable “does this dress make me look fat” question.

A fashion consultant can help if you are still trying to determine what your personal style is, what actually makes you, not some runway walker, look good. Caring about the way you present yourself to the world is not a woman’s domain only and investing in a wardrobe that is stylish, timeless and actually flatters you can be as good for your professional development as it is your personal.


Mens News Monday 8/2/2010

Can you believe it, August already? With this in mind this week we bring you some fall men’s style tips from various sources around the web, a look at the newest Ferrari and a peek at ten unexpected stars coming to TV screens this fall (Justin Bieber in CSI, Mark Zuckerberg on The Simpsons and more..)

Fall Clothing 2010 – Men's Fall Clothing Trends – Esquire

Believe it or not, the time has come to start transitioning your wardrobe for fall clothing 2010. The good news: Half the stuff you need is already in your closet.

Publish Date: 07/23/2010 2:40

Fall 2010 Perfume and Fragrances for Men and Women – Sweet Aroma

Fall 2010 Perfume and Fragrances for men and women. Now that summer is over it’s time to step outdoors with a richer more fragrant scent and this fall offers plenty of choices. From classic fall favorites to new aromas to try, look below at the … Romantic-yet-tough femininity reflects the woman who loves to dare and the core spirit of the brand—dedicated to evolution, confidence, and cutting-edge style. A game of opposites creatively moves between romantic and aggressive,.

Publish Date: 07/27/2010 18:00

Ferrari drops new photos of 458 Challenge test session at Vallelunga

Filed under: Motorsports, Coupe, Ferrari, Racing Ferrari 458 Challenge – Click above for high-res image gallery A few weeks ago, Ferrari officially debuted its.

Publish Date: 08/02/2010 10:25

The 10 Television Guest Stars We Can't Wait For This Fall | The Frisky

Fall television brings a large slew of familiar, awesome faces to our favorite television shows.

Publish Date: 07/30/2010 14:31


Men’s News Monday 7/26/2010

This week we bring you all the strange sights and hot media news that came out of Comic Con 2010 (including Angelina Jolie in black leather..) Why your Starbucks barista hates you, the discussion about the legitimacy of Alex Rodriguez’s upcoming 600th home run and more..

San Diego ComicCon 2010

San Diego ComicCon 2010 was punctuated with star-studded Hollywood panels for the films Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Green Hornet, The Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, Cowboys & Aliens, The Avengers, and The Other Guys.

Publish Date: 07/26/2010 15:10

Why Your Starbucks Barista Hates You – The Consumerist

I always assume everyone hates me, but here is some confirmation from an angry Starbucks barista whose name is not Egon, but who prefers to be referred to as such. Egon let loose to a Phoenix New Times reporter about the many reasons he …

Publish Date: 06/28/2010 17:30

Will Alex Rodriguez' Legacy Be Tainted Like Barry Bonds'? | DrJays

As Alex Rodriguez approaches history, how will his legacy be perceived by the media and fans of baseball?

Publish Date: 07/26/2010 15:32

Men Makeup Tips and Tricks | Design Care

Well-known cosmetic empires along with the smaller, up and comers are introducing skin care, fragrance and even makeup product lines targeted to men who have a penchant for primping. Many male celebrities, actors, and models sit in a …

Publish Date: 07/26/2010 9:13


Men’s News Monday 7/5/2010

Do we all have something in common with Dexter? Skin care tips for guys, Ashley Greene and more…

Is Dexter Morgan a Postmodern Everyman? | MND: Your Daily Dose of

They want to abolish culturally propagated notions of masculinity and femininity, believing that these are insidious notions subconsciously carried, as it were, by both men and women, and thus bring down “the patriarchy.” (199-200) …

Publish Date: 07/02/2010 14:59

Skin Care for Guys – Do You Know the Do's and Don'ts?

What most men don’t know is that skincare is more than just lotions and potions created just for women! When you skin is looked after it will feel more comfortable, smoother and will ensure that you look younger for longer. … Plus you will be able to pick the brains of the person giving you the facial for some helpful skincare tips. Indulge in a full body massage to ease tight muscles and boost your endorphins. There are a number of different styles that you can choose …

Publish Date: 07/01/2010 7:09—do-you-know-the-dos-and-donts

Ashley Greene Pictures – 1 of 6 – Maxim Girls Photo Gallery

So click through this gallery to come along and ride on a fang-tastic voyage. An Erotic Equation: “Take the best sex you’ve ever had in your life and multiply it by 100, and that’s vampire sex.” –Maxim · Check out her Maxim photo shoot! …

Publish Date: 06/29/2010 7:07


4TH OF JULY LADY GAGA TWILIGHT ECLIPSE SHOW feat BARACK OBAMA. Posted on July 5th, 2010 | Categorized as Barrack Obama | Tagged as 4thofjuly, Barack, Eclipse, Gaga, July, July4th, Lady, Ladygaga, OBAMA, Twilight …

Publish Date: 07/05/2010 8:00


Mens’ News Monday – 6/28/2010

Wacky men’s fashions, Katy Perry sizzles, the new IPhone has teething troubles and more…

Popoholic » Blog Archive » Katy Perry Sizzles In Men's Style Magazine

Here’s Katy Perry in the newest issue of Men’s Style magazine looking drop dead sexy in naughty lingerie, and I can’t believe that I’m actually giving props to her for the second day in a row. As you guys know, I can’t stand this …

Publish Date: 06/17/2010 10:30

Style Weekly – Wacky Trends from Men's Fashion Week

Milan Men’s Fashion Week just wrapped up, and the Paris shows are underway. I have to say there were looks that made me swoon, and plenty of looks that just made me laugh. Check out the most hilarious trends that ruled the Italian and …

Publish Date: 06/28/2010 12:19

Style Salvage – A men's fashion and style blog.: Shooting Men at Pitti

Style Salvage is an open discussion conducted by two friends, Steve and EJ, on how men could (and should) dress. Started back in June 2007, the blog aims to showcase emerging and established design talent alike whilst exuding a penchant …

Publish Date: 06/20/2010 12:03

Jobs Complacent About iPhone 4 Reception Issue | Business Pundit

The iPhone 4’s new design, in which radio antennas are inside the steel frame, has been causing reception problems. These problems appear when you cup the.

Publish Date: 06/28/2010 12:52


Men’s News Monday – 6/21/2010

We like keep up to date on what’s going on in the world of men’s fashion and lifestyle, everywhere in the world, not just in Portland and we are quite sure you do too. Here then is the first of a weekly series of blogs bringing you some of the most interesting tidbits from the internet that we have read this week.

Milan Men’s Fashion Week: S&M, Silk Suits & McQueen (PHOTOS)

By COLLEEN BARRY, Associated Press MILAN – The Alexander McQueen fashion house presented its first menswear collection following the designer’s death, drawing on archives and the fashion house’s British roots in a bid for continuity.

Publish Date: 06/21/2010 12:58

Stefano Gabbana Says Men’s Fashion Is Not for ‘Weirdos’; Lady Gaga

Also, Scott Campbell reportedly designed bags for Louis Vuitton men’s show.

Publish Date: 06/21/2010 10:30

What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear | Guyism

This weekly feature is a round-up, in conjunction with our friend Tim over at of the hot new products appearing online this week. From fashion.

Publish Date: 06/19/2010 14:00

Tom Nicon: Male Model Found Dead Before Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Tom Nicon picture Police are investigating the death of a top male model found dead just hours ahead of the start of Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Catwalk star.

Publish Date: 06/20/2010 20:52

Cristiano Ronaldo’s autumn Armani ads | My Fashion Life

So once again, we’ll make do with Cristiano Ronaldo as the face of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans as he shows off his mighty muscular body to the world – and we must admit, we much prefer the new naturale images to last …

Publish Date: 06/16/2010 6:30