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Suit Rentals Portland Oregon – Monday Men’s News Monday 04/02/2012

suit rentals Portland OregonToday’s post is designed to offer helpful tips when shopping for suit rentals. Portland, Oregon is considered by many to be the male fashion mecca. Here we’ll review the differences between suits and tuxedos. Learn which new exercise defines the male body part, considered to be the most attractive by women. We will finish by heading back to Portland for a look at business and sports.

JOHN G. SELF – The Perils of Suit Rentals


My experience strongly suggests that the cursory measurement process (read: guesstimation) is apparently hit or miss. ALWAYS try on the tuxedo when you pick it up. Two of the three people picking up rentals when I was in

The Next Best Thing To Buying A Groom’s Suit -Suit Rentals| Crazy NFL Blog


There are some important reminders when going for men’s suit rental for weddings. First thing on the list is its fitting. When going to rental shops, grooms-to-be must seek assistance in getting his full body measurements.

Tuxedo Rental Tips and Advice : Differences Between Suit & Tuxedo

How to understand the differences between a suit and a tuxedo;get professional tips and advice on tuxedos and other formal wear for special occasions in this free fashion video. Expert: Garen Palmer Bio: Garen Palmer has worked with Ritz Tuxedos for …

Best New Exercise: Close-Grip Burnout | Men’s Health


Boost testosterone by making your pecs scream for mercy with the Close-Grip Burnout.

Portland Business Alliance releases endorsements | Oregon


The Portland Business Alliance board of directors today announced its endorsement in a number of regional races. A complete list is below. Mitch Hornecker, chair of the Alliance’s Government Relations Executive Committee,

WHL playoffs: Portland’s Oliver Gabriel, Kelowna’s Oregon Live


bulmer mug.jpg Bulmer. Kelowna’s Brett Bulmer has been suspended indefinitely by the Western Hockey League and Portland’s Oliver Gabriel drew a one-game league suspension for separate incidents during the Winterhawks’ 4-0 Western Conference playoff victory Saturday. The league posted the penalties on Oregon high school football fan, ‘chadicus01’ contributor is part of our vibrant and diverse high school sports community. More Users

Visit Este’s Men’s Clothing Store located at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland OR 97209, to experience the most personalized service in suit rentals. Portland, Oregon‘s premier clothier has helped men create dazzling impressions with their vast assortment of tuxedos, custom suits, shoes, and shirts since 1952. You can also reach Este’s online at or by calling (503)227-0275.

Suit Rentals Portland Oregon – Monday Men’s News Monday 04/02/2012


Clothing Stores In Portland Oregon Boost Tourism – Press Release

Clothing stores in Portland, Oregon are attracting national and international acclaim while also serving as tourist attractions. Now known as the fashion mecca for men, many are scheduling trips to this tax free shopping haven. These shopping trips allow men to have their wardrobes designed, selected and custom tailored for style and comfort while saving money on price and taxes. The ever increasing pilgrimage of men traveling to Portland to enjoy personalized tax free shopping is also helping the local Portland economy.

Portland top clothier Este’s Men’s is known to many musicians, actors, performers, athletes and business men who regularly make the pilgrimage to this fashion mecca. Este’s boasts the prestigious honor of being the only clothier in seven states to carry the entire suit, formal-wear and tuxedo line from the national giant, Tuxedo Warehouse. The exclusive privilege was awarded to Este’s due to their experience and flawless standards of custom fittings.

Tony Spear, President of Este’s Men’s says, “Every man is treated with personalized attention whether here for a tuxedo rental or full custom wardrobe. Our image consultant and Director of Development Brian Tacker specializes in creating the perfect look for our clients, here or in their home or office. Our focus is to deliver top-quality comfort, timeless appeal and maximum convenience at prices that are substantially less than the same clothes with a designer label.”

Este’s Men’s “Club Room” offers men all the comfort and benefits of a dream man-cave and more: a full-service barber shop, massage chairs, big-screen TV running news and sports, fireplace, and old-style shoe shine to relax and unwind. And all fittings are accompanied by a complimentary cocktail from the bar.

Clothing stores in Portland, Oregon such as Este’s offer a wide array of clothing to include business casual, business professional, formal attire, tuxedos, custom tailored suits, custom shirts and accessories. Located in Portland’s Pearl District at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland OR 97209, Este’s grooming lounge is a “must see” tourist destination. Este’s can be reached at (503)227-0275 or online at

Clothing Stores In Portland Oregon Boost Tourism


Portland Shoes – Tips For A Stylish Look

Portland shoes

Image via Flickr

Portland  shoes  are a very important and strategic foundation for men’s style. Whether wearing a business suit, tuxedo or jeans, shoes need to provide comfort and durability. It is this very comfort that will empower men to always put their best foot forward. This article will provide tips ranging from the proper coordination of color schemes to the best care and maintenance for shoes. 

1. Matching Portland Shoes With Pants 

  • Navy pants look best with darker shades of brown, reddish brown, or black.
  • Brown pants will fare best with shoes that are just as dark as the pants. Browns, dark tans and black work best with brown shoes.
  • Green or olive pants should be worn with brown, bordeaux or black in order to create a clean look. 
  • Gray colored pants look terrific with camel, gray or black colored Portland shoes
  • Khakis, dockers or chinos work great with brown, or black  shoes.
  • Black pants should really be worn with black shoes in order to have a flawless look.
  • White pants work well with earth tone colored shoes.
  • Jeans are the most flexible and forgiving as you can easily wear brown, black, tan, camel, or grey. You can always wear sneakers with jeans. 

2. Match Your Portland Shoes With Belts

Always make sure to color coordinate your belt to the color of your shoes. The exception here would be one of those multi-colored belts, in which case you are probably wearing jeans and crocs.

3. Know Your Exact Shoe Size

When purchasing Portland shoes it is absolutely crucial to know your correct size. Even if you think that you know your shoe size, ALWAYS  try the shoes on, to ensure maximum comfort. You may in fact want to measure your own feet. Your feet can swell in the summer months because of the heat. Additionally, your feet may actually become wider, specially if you spend a good deal of time walking around barefoot. You can measure you own feet by tracing each foot onto a piece of paper that is taped to the floor. Using a tape measure or ruler will assist you in getting a perfect size to account for the length and width of your feet.

Portland Shoes Measurement Charts

U.S. Men’s Shoe Size Inches
6 9.31
6.5 9.5
7 9.69
7.5 9.81
8 10
8.5 10.19
9 10.31
9.5 10.5
10 10.69
10.5 10.81
11 11
11.5 11.19
12 11.31
12.5 11.5
13 11.69
13.5 11.81
14 12
14.5 12.19
15 12.31


U.S. Men’s Shoe Size C Narrow D (Medium/Standard) E Wide
6 3.3″ 3.5″ 3.7″
6.5 3.3″ 3.6″ 3.8″
7 3.4″ 3.6″ 3.8″
7.5 3.4″ 3.7″ 3.9″
8 3.5″ 3.8″ 3.9″
8.5 3.6″ 3.8″ 4.0″
9 3.6″ 3.9″ 4.1″
9.5 3.7″ 3.9″ 4.1″
10 3.8″ 4.0″ 4.2″
10.5 3.8″ 4.1″ 4.3″
11 3.9″ 4.1″ 4.3″
11.5 3.9″ 4.2″ 4.4″
12 4.0″ 4.3″ 4.4″
12.5 4.1″ 4.3″ 4.5″
13 4.1″ 4.4″ 4.6″
13.5 4.2″ 4.4″ 4.8″
14 4.2 4.5″ 4.9″
14.5 4.3 4.6″ 4.9″
15 4.3 4.6″ 5″

3. Matching Portland Shoes And Socks

While some experts say that socks should be matched with pants and others say they should be matched with Portland shoes, we advise you to always match the socks with the color of your shoes. Women do pay close attention to this as it shows manly style savvy. 

4. Caring For Shoes 

Make sure to clean your shoes with saddle soap before you ever polish them, otherwise you can damage the surface by rubbing dirt into the polish. Use a brush or cloth to properly clean these and avoid neutral-colored polish as this produces a lower quality shine. Always match the polish and shoe color to guarantee the best quality shine. Also make sure to invest in cedar trees to keep the shape of your shoes and absorb moisture which can warp the shape with time.

To see an excellent assortment of  quality Portland shoes, visit Este’s Men’s Clothing Store located at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97209. For any questions call (503) 227-0275 or visit  Write us and let us know your questions about Portland shoes

Portland Shoes – Tips For A Stylish Look



Cocktail Attire For Men – Issue: Men’s News Monday 02/20/2012

Image via Flickr

Let’s take a look at cocktail attire for men. This edition will highlight the origins, evolution and the differences between cocktail and formal attire. We will also learn about men’s healthcare, financial lessons from Benjamin Franklin and we will wrap up with Oregon’s Trail Blazers.

Exactly What Is Cocktail Attire?


What’s appropriate to put on when an invite requests cocktail attire can differ with respect to the location and event; the most crucial element would be that the outfit fits well and appears sharp. Men’s Cocktail Attire. For males

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Cocktail attire for men is largely a suit and also tie. You can even try a coat and also tie. Choose the colors and also fabric based on the latest trends of the season. Let us know a smart deal more about cocktail party attire

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Read on to know more about cocktail attire for men and women, and places you can wear such attire… If women choose to wear fashion accessories, they should make sure that they go well with the color of the dresses.

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To dress for a cocktail party, men should wear a semi-formal dress shirt and a coordinating jacket. Network through a cocktail party by presenting a professional image with the help of this free video from a clothing designer. Expert: Bruce Marshall …

Men’s Health Affairs: Lost, Forgotten or Wasted? «


Where does this leave men? Doesn’t the status of male health in the United States provide cause for concern about the health of the country and the social context of our society? Shouldn’t men also have access to free

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This series is brought to you by TurboTax Federal Free Edition. What’s this? Benjamin Franklin rose from 17-year-old runaway to successful printer, newspaperman, author, inventor, diplomat, and statesman. His great success

Watch Atlanta Hawks – Portland Trail Blazers NBA Live at Sports


Enjoy watching live stream online NBA basketball. Stream coverage NBA basketball online tv, Live NBA basketball games watch on betfair tv, internet tv. Enjoy NBA basketball live broadcast, live sopcast,live telecast, live

Este’s Men’s Clothing Store is a nationally recognized clothier offering a diverse selection of formal clothing, custom suits,  cocktail attire for men and shoes.