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PRESS: Stumptown Blogger’s “Best Men’s Clothing Store” Challenges Trendy Italian Designers

Summary: In response to a backhand comment on a blog post recognizing Este’s as Portland’s best men’s clothing store, the shop responds with a challenge for customers of top Italian designers.

Paul WeddingStumptown Blogger recently recognized Este’s Men’s Clothing, Inc. as Portland’s Best Men’s Shop for 2013. But an early comment on the page claimed Este’s was not for the younger crowd.

Tony Spear, President of Este’s, took exception to that comment.

“Anybody who shops Este’s knows that with custom, we can offer the best of trendy and traditional,” says Spear, “but we decided to take this person’s comment and really show Stumptown what the Stumptown Blogger already knows. It doesn’t matter what a guy’s age is, if he’s looking for the best-looking, best-fitting, best quality business, business casual, and formal clothing around, at the smartest prices, Este’s is his place in 2014.”

To celebrate Stumptown Blogger’s recognition, and as an invitation to Portland men who typically shop at major retailers to buy high-end, designer suits made in Italy, Este’s has issued a formal challenge for 2014:

Este’s invites these men to come to the store with a sample or photo of an Italian-made designer suit they’d like to copy. Este’s will custom make a suit identical in appearance using equivalent or better materials and producing the same or better fit, at a guaranteed 25% savings over the designer brand’s regular retail price.

If Este’s cannot provide the product at 25% savings, they will award the customer a $100 cash card for use anytime.

Este’s Men’s Clothing in the Pearl District provides a full range of men’s custom clothing, including business suits, tuxedos, blazers, jackets, and slacks, custom shirts, and hand-crafted leather shoes and belts to Portland’s savvy, well-dressed men. They also offer tuxes and suits for rental purposes.

Readers may visit Este’s at 1633 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97209, or call (503) 227-0275 to schedule a private, in-home/office consultation.


Men’s News Monday – 11/22/2010

Life in Mexico from a Washington expatriate. A surprising report on worldwide research showing how a father’s involvement affects his children’s lives. Portland State takes UC Riverside. A men’s care line approved by the US military. And the memorial story of a Portland jazz scene icon. Enjoy.

Mexico: Your One Stop Shopping Experience | MND: Your Daily Dose

Mexico, as seen from the north shore of Lake Chapala.. This ain’t literature, but may be interesting.. I get a fair amount of mail asking what Mexico is re…

Publish Date: 11/19/2010 7:45

Warren Farrell on International Men’s Day – Part 5 | Sex+Metropolis

In this interview Dr. Farrell talks about the positive outcomes for children from having fathers intimately involved in their day-to-day care. Click h…

Publish Date: 11/21/2010 12:20

NCAA Game Summary – Portland State vs. UC Riverside | Sports Radio

Dallas, TX (Sports Network) – Chris Harrell scored a game-high 18 points as the Portland State Vikings recorded a 69-58 win over the UC Riverside Highlanders in the SMU Invitational at Moody Coliseum.

Publish Date: 11/21/2010 17:02

HIMistry Grooming | The Urban Gentleman | Men’s Fashion Blog

Men’s Style. Men’s Fashion. Men’s Grooming. The Best Fashion, Style, and Grooming Blog or Website for men. “The Urban Gentleman is the modern gentleman. He is a man of style, class, culture, and of course he has a …

Publish Date: 11/22/2010 6:58

Life Story: Portland jazz saxophonist Michael York |

An accomplished tenor saxophonist, York was best known as an original member of the Mel Brown Sextet, a straight-ahead jazz band led by the former Motown drummer, which played to packed houses from 1986-91 at The Hobbit in Southeast …

Publish Date: 11/06/2010 11:00

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Mens News Monday for 9/27/2010

This week we examine how much sports stars influence mens fashion, take a look at London Fashion Week as it applied to the guys, take a peek at the wardrobe of Real Madrid star and fashion frenzied soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and check out a few Fall 2010 style essentials

How Sport Influiences Men's Fashion – Artipot

Men have always been influenced by their heroes and have aspired to be like them – not least when it comes to heroes of the sporting kind. From…

Publish Date: 09/25/2010 15:16

Wintle Fall 2010 Men’s London

Wintle Fall 2010 Menswear, London

cristiano ronaldo pics fashion

cristiano ronaldo best pics best clothes dg louis vuitton gucci emporio armani lacoste burberry etc…. stylee

Men's Fall Style Essentials – Autumn 2010

Men’s Clothes, Men’s Fashion, Watches, Drinks, Beautiful Women.

Publish Date: 09/13/2010 4:44


Men’s News Monday 7/26/2010

This week we bring you all the strange sights and hot media news that came out of Comic Con 2010 (including Angelina Jolie in black leather..) Why your Starbucks barista hates you, the discussion about the legitimacy of Alex Rodriguez’s upcoming 600th home run and more..

San Diego ComicCon 2010

San Diego ComicCon 2010 was punctuated with star-studded Hollywood panels for the films Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Green Hornet, The Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, Cowboys & Aliens, The Avengers, and The Other Guys.

Publish Date: 07/26/2010 15:10

Why Your Starbucks Barista Hates You – The Consumerist

I always assume everyone hates me, but here is some confirmation from an angry Starbucks barista whose name is not Egon, but who prefers to be referred to as such. Egon let loose to a Phoenix New Times reporter about the many reasons he …

Publish Date: 06/28/2010 17:30

Will Alex Rodriguez' Legacy Be Tainted Like Barry Bonds'? | DrJays

As Alex Rodriguez approaches history, how will his legacy be perceived by the media and fans of baseball?

Publish Date: 07/26/2010 15:32

Men Makeup Tips and Tricks | Design Care

Well-known cosmetic empires along with the smaller, up and comers are introducing skin care, fragrance and even makeup product lines targeted to men who have a penchant for primping. Many male celebrities, actors, and models sit in a …

Publish Date: 07/26/2010 9:13