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Basic Shoe Care Tips to Protect Your Fine Footwear Investment

You spent hours combing the shoe stores in Portland searching for the perfect pair of dress shoes and you finally found them. But how do you ensure that they remain looking great for as long as possible? Here are some tips for caring for them:

Use Shoe Trees – It may sound a little old fashioned but investing in good unvarnished shoe trees is still a must do. The varnished ones look swanky but they are not good at drawing moisture (sweat) out of the worn shoes, part of the purpose of a shoe tree in the first place. The crucial time to use shoe trees is right after they have been removed and they should remain in place for at least an hour or so. After that, the shoes will have returned to their natural architecture and the trees can be removed.

Wet Shoes – If you have been caught in an unexpected downpour and your precious shoes are soaking wet you need to act promptly if you are to save them from permanent damage. The best way to do that is stuff the wet shoes with newspaper and dry them away from direct heat. Direct heat often dries leather far too quickly causing them to crack – and nothing can save them if that happens. Before the shoes are completely dry insert the shoe trees to make sure that they return to their proper shoes.

Polish the Right Way – As the staff at any good shoe stores in Portland can tell you there is a right and a wrong way to polish your shoes. Before you begin, wipe off your shoes down with a damp (not wet) cloth to remove superficial dirt and stains. When applying the polish do so in a circular motion but there is no need to be gentle, the more you rub, the better. For extra shine, hold the shoe between your knees and buff the toe vigorously with a lint-free cloth.