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Formal Wear – Portland Oregon’s Dress Code Definitions

Formal Wear Portland demonstrated by Fred Astaire

When it comes to men’s style with the exception of tuxedos, most men become confused when discussing formal wear. Portland Oregon events and functions will describe the appropriate apparel on the invitation. This article will provide valuable tips on the different types of men’s formal wear and their corresponding venues and meanings.

Choices in Formal Wear – Portland Oregon Style

1. White Tie
2. Black Tie
3. Warm Weather Black Tie
4. Tuxedo
5. Semi Formal
6. Black Tie Optional

White Tie – The most elegant of formal wear apparel

This dazzling look requires both the tailcoat and vest to be black, only the shirt and bow tie are white. Top hats are optional and can be worn to complete the most pristine white tie look. Fashion experts say that with the exception of wedding parties, white tie events are the only acceptable venue for a tailcoat.

Black Tie – The traditional tuxedo look

Since 1889 customary black tie events have required tuxedos for events after six p.m. In recent times, black tie has also provided some leeway to allow tailored black suits in lieu of a tuxedo. Depending on the invitation and venue, a tuxedo may be the safest option when invited to a black tie affair.

Warm Weather Black Tie – Elegance for hot or warm climates

This can refer to a white tuxedo jacket or dinner jacket instead of the traditional black tuxedo. The slacks, shoes and bow tie remain black, and the only white elements are the shirt and jacket. Even though the name states “white” there is some room to opt for ivory or cream. These jackets are usually single breasted in order to reduce the weight during the heat of a summer day. Because of perennial mild weather, this is a formal wear option less often seen in Portland Oregon.

Tuxedo – The all time classic since 1889

Tuxedos are usually black and are worn with pleated shirts with folds that are ¼” – ¾” apart as well as cuff links. The tuxedo slacks and jacket lapels are trimmed with satin. The only acceptable shoes to wear with a tuxedo are shiny patent leather. The most popular venues for tuxedos are proms, weddings, or formal evenings on cruise ships.

Semi-Formal – The same as business formal

A crisp and sharp suit best defines the semi-formal look for men. During the day semi-formal attire can consist of lighter colors like cream, beige or tan. In the evening hours semi-formal suits can be darker colors such as charcoal and navy blue.

Black Tie Optional – You don’t have to sport the tux after all

Whenever you receive an invitation giving you the option of a black tie, it is important realize that this is indicative of the event’s elegance. Therefore if you refuse to wear a tuxedo make sure to sport your finest tailored dark suit with a white shirt. In terms of the tie you can also choose a standard tie or a bow tie to complete the look.

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Formal Wear – Portland Oregon’s Dress Code Definitions